External Quality Assurance Visit (EQA) from Awarding Body

 Present for the EQA (training visit) was Stuart Clowes (Trainer/IQA/)Elizabeth Clowes (Responsible Person) Andy Secker (Trainer.IQA) Dave Joyce(Trainer/IQA) and Nick Gill (Regional EQA)

Safeaid Services deliver contract first aid and commercial first aid in the Midlands.

Staff have a Fire Service background, are well qualified and experienced trainers, assessors and quality assurers.


The centre is very quality focussed and has ISO 9001 accreditation- Good Practice

All candidates get individual training packs- Good Practice

All tutors are issued with standardised tutor packs for each course - Good Practice

The impact of Ofqual regulations post October 1st 2015 were discussed and understood.



I observed Dave and Andy teaching a large cohort of 18 students. The environment was appropriate and equipment was of a good standard. I observed delivery and assessment of LO 2: Be able to assess an incident. LO 4: Be able to manage an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing normally.

They are experienced first Aid instructors and used a variety of teaching strategies - Presentations, demonstrations, verbal exposition, coaching, practical work and directed feedback. Dave and Andy are very comfortable in front of the groups and have in depth clinical knowledge. The students were engaged and the rapport with the group was good.

Technology was used to enhance the learning experience.

All the students were involved, directed questioning took place to draw students out.



Learning was evident through all the observations; candidates clearly developed their knowledge and skills.

The learning experience was enhanced by the use of resources and equipment which helped to underpin knowledge.



Assessment took place throughout the whole observation period. I observed summative assessments for units. In addition-

I observed:


·       Good group feedback giving tips and hints.

·       Good coaching for techniques with explanations about why

·       Good links to the groups working/home environment


A discussion took place about assessment standardisation: All staff take part in internal standardisation activities - Best Practice

Overall it is clear that Teaching, Assessment and Learning is of a good standard.


Training Delivery

The venues, training resources and equipment were discussed, are fit for purpose and in-line with the requirements stipulated within the qualification specifications and the minimum standards agreed by the First Aid Awarding Organisation forum (Sept 13).

The training commitment, course overview and course criteria were discussed and they are published and available for all.

Preparing and Invigilating Assessments

The centre understood the importance of trainer/assessors adhering to the specific course overviews to ensure fairness and standardisation for learners. The process of measuring learners against the qualification’s assessment criteria during the entire course duration was clarified and explained. Further discussion emphasised the importance of all staff adhering to the Guide to Assessing First Aid Qualifications and Multiple Choice Question Paper Guidelines documents when conducting and invigilating practical and theory assessments.

Through verbal discussion, the Centre appeared knowledgeable about assessment invigilation and will ensure the security/integrity of the assessment process - feedback was discussed in detail.

A discussion took place about assessment standardisation:

All staff take part in internal standardisation activities - Best Practice

Staff have also attended Qualsafe CPD days and the centre has benefitted from this activity.

Sampling Previous course records.

Previous course records were sampled during the visit, were found to be neat, tidy and stored appropriately. Please ensure all tutors complete the paperwork in a standardised manner. Some minor housekeeping points discussed.

Internal Quality Assurance.

IQA activity discussed, the sampling plan was seen and discussed and this will capture IQA activity appropriately to meet AO guidelines.

Awareness of Qualsafe Awards policies and procedures.

A discussion about policies and procedures took place; the centre has knowledge of procedures. The centre is quite happy to access documents if unsure of anything, to ensure compliance. The centre does not contact Qualsafe regularly and will do so if necessary.


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