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A great CPR success story.

14 January 2019

Safeaid services provided a free basic First aid course in Willenhall to the Trinity bowls club and the local Salvation Army group earlier in the year.  This course was free to attend on a Saturday morning and we provided it on a request from a neighbour.

On Tuesday evening we were visited by our neighbour who is a member of the trinity bowls club with exciting news that “its worked"!

On Monday 27th July 2015 our neighbour was in a bowls match at Trinity Bowls Club, Charles Street, Willenhall. During the match his opponent collapsed due to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest on the green.

Immediately it was obvious that the gentlemen was not breathing so our Neighbour along with other members who had also attended the course we provided began CPR. They worked together reminding each other of the things they learnt during the training. After a period of CPR the casualty appeared to make an improvement but this was only for a short period and CPR needed to be commenced again until arrival of West Midlands Ambulance Service. The paramedic then administered shocks using their defibrillator.

The Gentleman survived and was sitting up in hospital the following day!

Safeaid services would like to commend all the people involved with this rescue. We are sure that the gentleman would have died on the bowling green had the members not taken the decisive action they did. Members of the club have thanked Safeaid Services for the skill we imparted on their first aid course as they had no previous knowledge of CPR prior to the training.

The course we provided to the group proves the importance of learning CPR and we are really pleased with the successful outcome following our community training course.

We are now going to offer a update to the group and encourage them to purchase an AED unit for the club.