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Defibrillator and Bleed Kits

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Bleed Control Kit

The Prometheus Bleed Control Kit was developed with the input of the West Midlands Ambulance Service and Birmingham Community Safety Partnership to provide a comprehensive bleed control solution.

Bleed Control Kit Mere

The primary objective of a bleed control kit is to provide the necessary tools and supplies to quickly and effectively manage life-threatening bleeding until professional medical help arrives. This kit is designed to empower bystanders or immediate responders to take immediate action and potentially save lives in critical moments. These kits can often be found in schools, public centres, bleed control cabinets, workplaces, and just about anywhere people go. Our Bleed Control Kit are equipped with the most-trusted brands in the world and helping to keep you prepared for the unexpected emergency.

CU Medical Systems iPAD SP1

With sleek design, stylish features and innovative technology, the iPAD SP1 would fit well in any surrounding. It’s got fab, clear diagrams that’ll help you keep up with the helpful voice prompts and the buttons really stand out.

Defibsafe 2 Wall Mountable Defibrillator Cabinet

DefibSafe 2 is the only external defibrillator cabinet available in the UK that is IP66 rated, giving superior protection from the elements.

Ipad NFK200 Defibrillator

This is a new model of the iPAD series public access AED. The NFK200 is a simple to use, intuitive defibrillator allowing for quick and convenient pads access.

iPAD SP1 & SP2 Disposable Battery

The disposable battery is for use with the iPAD SP1 Semi and Fully Automatic units and with the iPAD SP2 unit (the latter unit is for use by medical professionals)